We provide certified professional translation services in every language of the world. Our projects include industries such as legal, medical, marketing, technical, engineering, gaming and environmental. Our team of qualified, certified translators aims to provide the service in a quick and affordable manner.

Our clients seeking translation services comprise individuals and corporate entities from across industries and geographical boundaries. Certified translation services are usually required in immigration cases, legal matters, family law matters, and several other cases. Our Toronto-based team of Translation Expert is fully equipped to provide all kinds of certified translation services for your tailored requirement, including the following:

  • Certified translations signed by our translator and including our stamp
  • Notary certification
  • Consular legalization

Most authorities in Canada and the USA require officially certified or notarized translations. These authorities could include Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Service Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and many more. These documents may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment records, police clearance certificates, and diplomas, and more. Translation Expert’s certified translations are accepted by any authority.

Since Canada is not a member of the Hague’s convention, certified translations from other countries with apostille systems are not officially acceptable. As such, obtaining certified translation from a Canadian translation agency, such as Translation Expert, is highly recommended. Our team will organize all your translations and certifications as needed. Our translators and notaries have significant experience in dealing and coordinating with government authorities. They will advise you on whether you need a certified translation stamped by Translation Expert or if you also require a notarized translation.

We are proficient in provincial requirements for submitted documents and translations. In addition to our high-quality standards, our in-house notary separates us from the competition, and we will notarize the translations and the true copies of the original, if needed, to help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Our tremendous amount of experience in dealing with Canadian, international, and foreign authorities is your assurance that you will not have to face any delays or complications with the documents, translations and quality of work submitted.