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  • Birth Certificate Translation


    Birth Certificate Translation

    A birth certificate is an official record that documents the birth of a child. A birth certificate also details a person’s birth, including name, gender, parentage, and place of birth. A birth certificate can be used as proof of identity in Canada and the USA, and may be required when applying for various government programs and services...


  • Marriage Certificate Translation


    Marriage Certificate Translation

    A marriage certificate is an official record stating that you and your spouse have had a marriage ceremony that legally binds you to each other. The marriage certificate legally recognizes your marriage in the country where it was performed and in Canada. In several countries, even if you are traditionally married, and that union is recognized in your country,...


  • Translation of Wills


    Translation of Wills

    Translation of wills requires a high degree of expertise, a service that we provide at Translation Expert. While there may be online platforms and other translation agencies providing their services, it is important to note that such platforms may alter or even miss out on the meaning of the will, leading to legal implications of forgery...


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