At Translation Expert, our mission is to make your job easier. We want to ensure we provide the most personalized service to every client possible. When you call or email us, you will immediately notice the difference — an enthusiastic “Yes, we can” solution to your needs. The thousands of clients we have successfully served bring an enviable pride to our workplace.

Translation Expert was founded several decades ago with the goal of creating a one-stop shop that handles all your communication needs in virtually any language. Our services include translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, video subtitling, voice-overs, international consulting, and more. We are proud to say that we have assembled the best possible team for all the services we provide.

​ In this ever-evolving world of communication, connecting with the client on a personal level has become more important than ever; but how to do that? The short answer is by finding something you both have in common, and the choice of words is usually the quickest solution. When you need help with polishing your product or service and giving it a gleaming gloss the best possible way in any language, we’re the ones. Contact us today!

​ Once we understand your requirement, our process begins with analyzing the best solution. This is followed by bringing in the best team member to work on it. We ensure we have covered all the bases before signing off on any project.


  • Decades of Experience
  • Quality Control
  • Turnaround Speed
  • Confidentiality
  • Highly Competent Staff
  • Pricing

In the past several decades of being in operation, we have built our reputation on trust and commitment. We uphold the following values:

  • Reliability - We always strive to deliver on time and within the set budget.
  • Clarity - There are no hidden costs, and we will ensure that you completely understand costs and approve the pricing before we start work on the project.
  • Collaboration - We will do whatever it takes to learn about your business and your requirement.
  • Accountability - Our President is always available to address your concerns.

Regardless of the size or the complexity of the project, we strive for perfection in whatever we work on. It is our constant endeavor to set and meet high expectations and significantly reduce errors. We aim to outpace and outclass every other translation agency by delivering excellence in every language, every translation project we undertake.

We understand tight deadlines and slim working timelines well. We meet these demands without compromising on quality and accuracy.

We abide by all government-mandated confidentiality laws. Our scope of work comprises taking significant measures to ensure your personal and professional privacy. Our systems and processes are designed to focus on protecting intellectual property and digital products/information.

Our team of professional translators have decades of experience and professional qualitfications. We uphold stringent quality standards and ensure our deliverables meet and exceed client expectations. Our linguists and editors with local and international experience specialize in technical translations, medical translations, financial and business translations, immigration, personal document translations, and much more.

We can demonstrate how to reduce your out-of-pocket costs without compromising quality. In translation, our advanced systems and utilization of the latest technology tools enable us to reduce per word costs with your growing asset base.

Over the years, we have served clients of all sizes in projects that range from a single phrase to thousands of pages, dozens of videos, or thousands of interpreting assignments - be it consecutive or simultaneous in various languages, providing both the interpreters and the equipment, including sound-proof booths, as well as services for virtual conferences - we have handled it all!

​ I welcome you to try our service with my personal satisfaction guarantee.