Top Three Things To Look For When Hiring A Translation Company

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If you are set to grow your business into foreign markets, you will likely need translation services as part of that expansion. Sometimes companies feel they can use a worker or family member who speaks the language to take on this position, but this is a mistake. Just because someone can speak two languages doesn’t make them a translator. Perhaps even worse is to rely on an online translator to translate your marketing materials. Translation apps may be helpful but are certainly no alternative for a human translator for anything more complicated.

Translating is a skilled job that involves so much more than fluency in another language, and the results of not employing a professional can damage your reputation and your brand image. Definitions can get inadvertently altered, key phrases misrepresented, and accuracy lost, and before you know it, your expansion plans could be in trouble. A skilled translator can help you translate business documents. With this additional support, you can be sure that the translated documents capture the essence of the paper.

Hiring a skilled translator is an excellent idea if you plan to develop and maintain relationships with foreign parties. The right translator will speak the languages you need and have the skills required to deliver your documents accurately and to your deadlines. To help you find the perfect match for your requirements, here’s a list of the top three things to look for when hiring a translator. 

1. Credentials 
While it may not seem so challenging, translation is far from easy. It requires specific skills and certificates to reach the highest levels. All translation companies must have a certified team in the languages and expertise they offer. Different companies have different certification methods and qualifications, so you should consider how a company vets their translators and what certification or testing they need before sending them customer projects.

2. Experience 
Another factor you should consider when looking for a translator is their experience level. Translators lacking this training and experience won’t help you produce an accurate, high-quality translation. Many successful translators hold technical knowledge to cater to different clients, whether industry or language-specific. At Translation Expert INC, we recruit translators with expertise in various sectors to support the needs of our diverse client base. 

3. Industry-specific knowledge
As technology moves us closer to a global economy, translation is the key for brands to enter new markets. Pick someone who knows the translation processes professional qualifications to give you a solid foundation for global success. An excellent translating company will have a knowledgeable team who can easily tackle any topic and ensure the correct terminology is used in the target language, so your content sounds as proficient as it did in the original language. 

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